International Corporation developing flavors and fragrances for some of the world’s most successful food, beverage, fine fragrance, household and personal care products.

MANAGER: Creation Centre Director

travel required: 40/60%


The Category Manager is a senior Evaluator, who manages his team and leads the Home and Personal Care Category.

His key responsibilities are:

  • As Category Leader:
    • Develop fragrance vision for the category to optimize the profitability of the company
    • Share experience with evaluators to inspire and provide guidance for fragrance development
    • Work with Creation Centre Director and other category leaders to support creative fragrance group cross category vision and provide motivating communication within the team
    • Lead contact for marketing and market research – build and optimise the relevant tools (trends, analysis, genealogies…)
    • Participate in the elaboration and optimization of the creative fragrance group evaluation facilities and tools necessary to perform
    • Participate to the organization of the evaluation team in terms of workload and repartition of headcounts.
    • Ensure an efficient and optimized use of the fragrance library


  • As Senior Evaluator:

Perform with an outstanding level of expertise as creation manager for fragrance development and evaluation.

  • Develop and optimize fragrance with perfumers: motivate and guide perfumers, stimulate creativity to initiate new olfactive themes, select winning fragrances, promote the creations
  • Creation Management: Operate the coherent and efficient project management to assure fluidity within the creation process:
    • build fragrance development strategy, drive creation in line with brief parameters, prioritise and respect deadlines, provide the relevant administrative and olfactive information
    • Share fragrance proposals with other departments to create a common story
    • Perform the role of olfactive expert in all meetings with customers
    • Participate in the building of strong relationship with customers
    • Validate olfactive stability with application Lab
  • Project coordination: act as an interface within the creation centre to facilitate the exchanges and interactions cross department
  • Market knowledge: olfactive understanding and vision of fragrance evolution
  • Brand and customer understanding with the support of sales, Marketing, Application labs, safety, consumer intelligence market research
  • Enhance fragrance library and use it as starting point for all projects
  • Lead the development of proactive and reactive fragrance collections to support business needs of other departments
  • Develop ongoing scent and taste curiosity
  • Hand down knowledge to junior evaluators and trainees
  • Perform olfactive training with customers and internally


Post graduate in perfumery, the candidate has at least 15 years of experience as senior evaluator in the home and personal care category. He has excellent evaluation, olfactive skills, category and market knowledge. He has in-depth fragrance knowledges: products, market, trends, a vision of fragrance evolution and consumer understanding based on the olfactive analysis of fragrance test results. He has abilities to analyse and convert olfactive conclusions into concrete recommendations. He understands technical and sensory evaluation to judge fragrance performance and stability, and is competent in technical olfactive competencies to drive creativity around technical parameters. He has interpersonal skills of communication, has gained high respect at all levels of internal and external customers, a team spirit and leadership experienced as previous team manager. He has demonstrated his ability to manage complex projects.